Bigtec labs offers great opportunities for energetic and passionate people to work on cutting edge multi-disciplinary research areas. A vibrant, young and dynamic work force ensures that the daily routine never becomes a “job”. At Bigtec labs, we encourage our team to think freely about possible solutions and expansion opportunities for the company. With an open-floor environment, employees, old and new, are never subjected to hierarchical pressures.

Easily accessible management personnel at each level allow Bigtec labs’ employees to work on their ideas and drive projects with a personal zeal towards the required end. Frequent interaction fosters a sense of belonging, stimulates problem solving and generates interesting ideas - both in quantity and quality. At Bigtec labs, what matters is a steady flow of ideas coupled with work - not the source of the idea. Stringent hiring mechanisms identify genuine talent, whilst and the ease of accessibility prevents ideas, great and small, from disappearing without due diligence.

Bigtec labs also encourages its employees to further their academic pursuits by strengthening their qualifications (PhD), while contributing to the research and development at Bigtec labs.

Would you like to be a part of our young organization? Do you have designs on working on projects dealing with multiple streams of knowledge?

IIf you have the passion to work at the cutting edge of technology for a dynamic company as part of a multi-disciplinary work force, Bigtec labs is interested in hearing from you. Interested candidates can send an email with their resume and covering letter to

  • Bio-films
  • Rapid Immunosensors
  • Biomarker Identification