The sample to result platform comprises:

  • Trueprep-MAG - a stand-alone, battery-operated sample processing device.

  • Truelab Uno real-time PCR analyzer - a fully automated device that performs real-time PCR using Truenat microchips

The Trueprep-MAG and Truelab Uno devices, test kits and chips are manufactured and marketed by Molbio Diagnostics, a bigtec and Tulip Group joint venture.

Gold Standard Diagnosis

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique has revolutionized molecular testing. In the recent years, it has proven to be the most effective way to specifically identify a pathogen. It identifies a unique genetic signature characterizing a disease-causing microbe, providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Molbio´s real-time PCR analyzer brings you the power of gold standard diagnosis.

Faster Diagnosis

Imagine being able to make a precise diagnosis rather than a presumptive one the first time a doctor sees a patient. Molbio´s platform lets you test a patient in less than one hour, dramatically reducing testing and response times.


Technologically Advanced

  •  Simplified sample processing

  •  bioMEMS-based "PCR-on-Chip"

  •  Portable, battery-operated platform

  •  Remote disease surveillance through GPRS/Wi-Fi

  •  Multiple disease detection


Convenient and Practical

  •  Sample to result in less than one hour

  •  No refrigeration needed for test reagents

  •  No additional equipment required

  •  Minimal user training

  •  Software enables easy result review and communication

Truelab Uno real-time PCR analyzer



Trueprep-MAG sample preparation device



Ordering Information


TruenatTM Microchips compatible with Truelab Uno:
TruenatTM - MTB (Tuberculosis)
TruenatTM - H1N1 (Swine Influenza)
TruenatTM - HBV (Hepatitis - B)
TruenatTM - Chik V (Chikungunya)
TruenatTM - Pf (Falciparum Malaria)
TruenatTM - DenV (Dengue Fever)
TruenatTM - S.typhi (Typhoid Fever)



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