R & D
  • Nucleic acid isolations from tough biological samples
  • Development of PCR and antibody based ELISA kits
  • Immobilization of biological species onto nanomaterials
  • Antibody/Enzyme production and purification
  • Recombinant protein expression and purification
  • Recombinant protein clone design and construction
  • Fermentation/processing of proteins
  • Design and synthesis of fluorescence compounds for fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, luminescence, and fluorescence lifetime applications
  • Synthesis and screening for fluorescent polymers for chemical and biological applications
  • Development of bioassays for small molecules in drug discovery and biological fluids
  • Fluorescent bioassays based on antibody-antigen interactions Conversion of antibody based immunoassays in to fluorescence based immuno assays.
Design and analysis of systems
  • Micro fabrication silicon, polymer, ceramic
  • Micro-fluidics
Low power analog circuit
  • design and testing
  • small signal circuits
Development of digital control systems
  • design and fabrication
  • embedded programming
Optical detection systems