Bigtec Labs is a multi-disciplinary team focused on translation of excellent science into market ready, validated products, meeting current market needs, with a primary focus on healthcare.


Nature�s gift of imagination enables man to form mental images of things that don't exist, or to perceive things that do exist in a new light. In order to create a product we need to identify the useful from the rest. Identifying creative or out-of-the-box thinking to reach solutions is the essence of Bigtec labs. At Bigtec labs, we recognize that knowledge can be more effectively applied when creative thinking is identified and encouraged.


Out-of-the-box solutions require a non-traditional starting point in order to be able to reach a final goal. Ideas, from one or many sources are required to solve problems and reach an optimized solution. At Bigtec labs we initiate the realization of new products and/or services enabled not just from within the organization but also through external sources. The constant, layer less interactions with institutions, research personnel and the scientific community encourage the realization of out-of-the-box ideas


Bigtec labs provides an informal working environment, encouraging people with varied but allied sciences, to complement and contribute a joint team effort. The multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving and development of new products, by integrating the expertise of our employees allows us to optimize our response. The integration of the various skill sets allows the company to be flexible and yet sturdy with regard to future potential. At Bigtec labs, team work and integration of the sciences are the basic principles of governance.


Bigtec labs adheres to the culture of innovation, and regular audits enable checks on the support structure. This enables Bigtec labs to maintain the balance between investing in and boosting innovation opportunities while curtailing identified activities.

Innovation metrics as a tool is employed to motivate the team leaders in the company to embrace novel ideas and give it the attention and required stimulus. Lucid communication of the goals of innovation and the rewards for achieving milestones are set. This approach accelerates realization of innovative ideas, transforming them into path breaking solutions. At Bigtec labs, innovation is a way of life!