BigTec Collaboration

Why do most organizations struggle to get their innovations to market?

Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors work hard towards creating positive change through their solutions. However, these innovative solutions find it difficult to get to market successfully due to:

Lack of experience in getting to market

Lack of translational experience

Constrained research and development

Constrained research and development

Limited understanding of market demands

Limited understanding of market demands

Teething issues during manufacturing

Issues during manufacturing and scale-up

Lack of support and trust from partners

Lack of support and trust from partners

Funding issues

Bigtec redefines partnerships

Bigtec is always looking at ‘new frontiers of technology’ and design solutions for alleviating healthcare challenges globally. We are engaged with the wider global ecosystem, working with innovators and startups in an open innovation and co-development model. This helps us collectively build products and deliver health solutions that improve social equity.

Having built our network, we understand firsthand how challenging it can be to bring game-changing innovations to market. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our partnerships succeed by:

Bigtec redefines partnerships

EDGE: Our Partnership Program

Innovations get to market much more quickly if they have been nurtured right from the start. To do so, Bigtec has launched EDGE, our global program where we collaborate with MedTech startups and SMEs to accelerate the rate of product development and commercialization. This partnership could involve bridge funding for product co-development, licensing, sales, and distribution. Learn more about this program.

How we help partners get to market

The journey from being an idea to a deployed healthcare solution is long and requires a lot of external information and assistance. To help our partners in this journey, we offer them access to our expertise and comprehensive ecosystem of institutes, organizations, and public health agencies.

The support ecosystem for our partners

Go to Market

Provide access to our labs and our sales & distribution network


We help you tap into our extensive ecosystem of national and international partners

Product Realisation

Work on your products with our vendor partners

Access to Universities and Research Institutes

Partnerships that are making a difference

Join us to revolutionize diagnostics