Our Global Impact

8000+ Truenat devices installed worldwide

Deployed in over 80 countries. Delivered over 35 million tests

BigTec - Global Impact

In the year 2022, our parent company Molbio became the first Indian company in the MedTech space to become a unicorn. Our Truenat Real-Time PCR is the world’s first, and at present, only Point-of-Care platform approved by WHO for tuberculosis detection. It tests for over 40 diseases and is primarily focused on TB. In India, our platform also spearheaded India’s fight against COVID-19, conducting over 12 million tests.

Impact of our Innovations

Philippines - BigTec Global Impact


With only 28% of people infected with TB getting a WHO-recommended molecular test diagnosis, TB was rampant and underreported in the Philippines.


  • The introduction of Truenat resulted in a 316% rise in new TB case detection and a 14X increase in the screening of those with presumptive TB
  • TB treatment success rate has also increased to 97% in 2023, with an average treatment success rate of 76%
Bangladesh - BigTec Global Impact


62,155 tests were carried out among 59,008 people in 2023 with signs and symptoms of TB. This resulted in the detection of TB in 4,446 (7.5%) individuals and rifampicin-resistant TB in 58 (1.3%) individuals.


  • There was a 20-fold increase in the proportion of newly diagnosed people with TB who were tested with a rapid molecular diagnostic (RMD) at the time of diagnosis
  • An increase from 76.7% to 91.6% was observed in the proportion of newly diagnosed people with TB that were bacteriologically confirmed
India - BigTec Global Impact


India was the first country to implement Truenat, with approximately 1,600 instruments introduced in 2019 to support the national TB control program.


  • TB case detection has improved compared to smear microscopy
  • 30% improvement in TB case notification rate in Andhra Pradesh
Kenya - BigTec Global Impact


Truenat machines were installed by The Ministry of Health’s National TB Program to strengthen TB diagnosis.


  • Improved bacteriological diagnosis. Of the 121 cases reported in 2022, 78% were bacteriologically and only 22% were clinically diagnosed
  • 855 samples were tested on the Truenat platform, of which 64 were positive, and one multi-drug resistant TB. All the positives were put on treatment immediately
Democratic Republic of Kongo - BigTec Global Impact

Democratic Republic of Congo

Truenat MTB Plus and MTB Rif Dx testing was implemented at 38 facilities in four provinces of DRC


  • The proportion of newly diagnosed people with TB tested with a rapid molecular test as an initial diagnostic increased significantly from 11.7% to 65.9%
  • Similarly, the proportion of newly diagnosed people with TB that were bacteriologically confirmed also increased significantly from 54.9% to 66.8%
Uganda - BigTec Global Impact


38 Truenat Duo systems and reagents were deployed in Uganda with support from the Stop TB Partnership.


  • Saw a significant increase in the proportion of individuals with newly diagnosed TB who received a rapid molecular diagnostic (RMD) at project sites in Q4 2022 compared to Q4 2021
  • A median percentage point increase of 26.7% (IQR 0.9- 67.2) was observed across all sites, with all but four sites showing a positive change
Tanzania and Mozambique - BigTec Global Impact

Tanzania and Mozambique

A TB Capt Study was conducted in Tanzania and Mozambique consisting of >4000 people


  • Truenat was able to detect more cases (7.3%) compared to detection rate in standard of care arm (4.8%)
  • The 7 day treatment initiation rate was 98% in the intervention arm compared to 64% in the standard of care arm

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